Already into week 2 rehearsals for Love Steals Us From Loneliness, can you believe it...?!

Hello hello! Well, we've been so busy in rehearsals for Love Steals Us, that already a week has flown by and i'm yet to have blogged on the shananigans of the past 7 days. So here I am, Remy B, 1/5 of the cast of Love Steals Us, here to fill you in on the events so far...

Last week was full of fun and frolics. John set us lots of hilarious 'Challenge Anneka' type tasks around the streets of Bridgend, where I found myself washing a telephone box with a napkin, and singing my little heart out in the music shop much to the dismay of the lovely men who were working at the time. Anyway, picture lots of odd glances and funny looks, and rightly so.

We've also been getting to grips with our craaaaazy set. I'll just say, it's a mission to even be on the stage at the moment, but it's all very interesting getting used to the space and seeing what effect it has on the characters at this early stage.

This morning we stopped off at Portcullis house for a costume call. Got given a fabulous bag as part of Becky's costume and i've decided that it's my mission to try and steal it before the end of the run :) Just don't tell the costume department because i'm not quite sure how they feel about theft just yet?! Only joking......or am I?!

To be honest, the most important thing you should know at the minute, is that a LOT of tea and biscuits are being consumed during the day. I'd say chocolate bourbon is the biscuit of choice at the moment, but who knows if that'll last...people are so fickle these days.

Anyways, John's told us to learn our lines by the end of this week so best get my head down and do some work or he'll have my guts for garters!

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Comment by Tom Beardshaw on September 14, 2010 at 9:17
Great post Remy :) Hope the costume peeps don't see it!

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