Hello, this is the first time posting and I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. 

I want to take some time to explain my PhD study and to open up it up to anybody who may be interested in becoming a part of it, either informally through chats or e-mail or formally as a potential interviewee or if you have an event that you think could be relevant that I may come and observe and take some notes on.

The study concerns the introduction of the arts as a form of evidence within devolved policy making in the field of public health and wellbeing. This is conducted under the genuine belief that the arts can create spaces which can produce knowledge which is unique and cannot be replicated by other means. This has the potential to give policy makers an insight into the lives of communities and people which would be otherwise invisible.

As a former student of drama I am also passionate about the role of arts funding in the UK and the increasing emphasis on value for money placed on the arts to achieve certain targets. By evidencing the intrinsic value of the arts as a different form of understanding issues within politics I hope to re-evaluate within the PhD, the nature of the art/government relationship in order for a better outcome for both.

As for the ethos of the study itself, I hope to build a network with as many voices as possible not only acting in an formal capacity (interviews,observation, focus groups) but also having a immeasurable impact on the study itself through informal meetings or e-mail. I hope to learn about your opinions and ideas and am keen to share mine with you and build a study whose output is the reflection of many peoples knowledge and ideas. For me this is the most exciting part of the project. I have already met with people whose ideas have influenced me and the questions I ask in the project. I want it to keep going and to keep evolving.

Please get in touch if you are interested, I would be very happy to hear from you. 


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