As i walked through the door of WHSmith's Cardigan i felt some dissapointment it finally hit home that i was back to reality and would have to go back to the humdrum routine of my life after having what can only be said as the best week of my life. Never in my life have i liked walking up a hill so much lol i complained but on the inside it wasn't so bad as i knew that i would have another fantastic day. I loved every waking moment i was able to spend up there, yes it got tiring and hard but i loved it. There were some really great pieces of work being created and i think this is down to how tight a group we were. I loved it all. There were a few nerves before the start especially as there wasn't really a technical run through (but well done to Jacob and the technical crew for an amazing job) but i think the nerves were more down to trying to impress and making Nattional Theatre Wales proud, they had put faith in us and we were going to repay that faith. Everything was amazing and there was never a moment when i felt embarassed to be there (even with a stupid hat on my head). I felt that we were proffesional and amazing.

So i just wanted to say thank you to Catherine, Devinda and Jacob for presenting this opportunity in front of us and for being geniunly amazing, amazing, amazing people absolutely amazing you made us feel welcome and wanted. You became our friends and i for one will never ever lose contact with you all (NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU ALL TRY). There is a thank you to the other memebers of National Theatre Wales who maybe i didnt spend as much time with but still contributed massively to the experience,Thank you.


My future plans include coming to see Mundo Parelelo and The Passion and then forcing my way into future projects in the NTW (I told you, you won't get rid of me) and once again i just want to say NTW you are amazing, Team Aber you are amazing and finally I AM AMAZING if i say so myself.

And for now and only for a short while Over and out from me...


John !!!

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