Bandwagon Theatre: Our Edinburgh Fringe (Day 4)

It's safe to say that we've fallen into our fringe routine very nicely. I think every theatre company can appreciate that when you've got an effective team, everything just seems to slot into place. The set now goes up with hardly a word spoken between the lot of us, everyone has their job and merrily gets on with doing it. Show time. The set then comes down swiftly and within minutes, you'd never have known that we'd even been there.
Not such a large audience today as there was yesterday, but my fears of performing to a solitary audience member can remain at bay for one more day.
So it's the friends and colleagues that make up Bandwagon Theatre that have inspired my rule for today:

RULE NUMBER 4: Go to Edinburgh with a team that you absolutely trust and can rely on. It's these people that will inevitably make or break the time you have here.

When I mentioned the rain the other day, I simply did not appreciate the brute force of the wet weather here in Scotland. Naively, I assumed that I had pretty much seen the worst......until today. If I told you that it was raining, pouring, chucking it or even throwing it down this cannot justifiably describe the amount of freezing cold water that is falling from the sky. As you can imagine, soggy flyers don't have quite the same appeal as shiny dry ones. Armed with kagools, umbrellas and sheer determination we soldiered on and in spite of the weather, we still managed to find those dedicated fringe-lovers who braved the rain in search of something good to watch. It was these people that made it bearable as we trudged our way through the rivers that are forming up and down the royal mile.

May I just add (and I can't believe I haven't yet said this) that I'm having an exceptionally brilliant
time with some truly fantastic people and without being overly slushy or making you want to cringe, I am so very proud to be a member of Bandwagon Theatre.

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