Bandwagon Theatre: Our Edinburgh Fringe (Day 5)

Today brought tears, laughter and entertainment as we caught some of the other shows that are on offer at our venue. For anyone who's performing at Greenside venue 231 or thinking of doing so in the future, they offer a great deal that means performing companies pay £2.50 for a wrist band which allows you instant access to any performance that goes on in there. I think this is a big plus as money is inevitably quite tight and the price of shows can quickly add up.
With a good variety of performances (two of which I really found quite poignant: 'The Cagebirds' and 'Real Men Dream in Black and White') the standard was fairly high and this not only provides us with some entertainment but gives us another reason to make sure we push our performance to it's highest standard each day.

I can honestly say that the amount of theatre on offer in Edinburgh is mind boggling to anyone who's passionate about it and I'm extremely keen to squeeze in as much as I can during my time here. You've got to make the absolute most of the festival in my opinion.

RULE NUMBER 5: Go and see as much as you can while you're here. You'll rarely find this many fantastic shows in one place (admittedly you may come across some rubbish ones too).

Edinburgh really takes it out of you! I'm so tired, it's ridiculous and I'm not even that sure how. I'm doing so much during the day that by 8pm, I'm beginning to struggle. Something tells me that it may take me a while to recover from our 10 days here - how do those of you who are here for the whole festival keep going?! Is there some kind of secret or is it just plenty of practice? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've just hit a wall and by tomorrow morning I'll be full of energy once again....

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