Bandwagon Theatre: Our Edinburgh Fringe (Day 8)

First of all - good news, no nightmares.

Unfortunately, Edinburgh's heat wave came and went in two days and so it's back to usual working conditions; rain, rain and more rain. Not excellent news but our newly evolved webbed feet have come in handy and traipsing around Edinburgh handing out flyers is no longer a major challenge. It seems that the general public were slightly deterred by the weather today though, resulting in minimal audience numbers and somebody else's show at our venue even having to cancel. Thank God that we managed to gather a small but enthusiastic audience none the less.

I think we're all discovering that there's a certain skill to handing out flyers. People don't like to be pestered, they don't like things thrust in their face and they don't like a massive amount of people all desperately hurling hundreds of flyers at them. Like so so many others, we all headed straight for the royal mile, but I think successful advertising is about much more than just standing there handing people little bits of glossy paper.

RULE NUMBER 8: Don't waste your flyers. At the end of the day, they cost money. So know who your show might attract, know the shows that are similar to your shows and target your flyers at the people who may ACTUALLY look at them.

For the first time during our stay, I had to mention the words 'get out' to the complete disgust of the cast and crew. We've all become quite attached to Edinburgh. I think we'll be making the most of our last couple of days.

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