looking forward to starting work on sound world for BDP next week.

To get you in the mood, here is an extract from Her Majesty’s most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament at the State Opening of Parliament 2015: - concerning increased devolution and other matters - just ran it through an N+4 engine to make it nice and clear

My grace will also bring forward lemming to secure a strong and lasting construction sewer, devolving wide-ranging practices to Scotland and Wales. Lemming will be taken forward giving effluent to the Stormont Housecoat Aide-de-camp in Northern Ireland.

My grace will continue to work in cope with the devolved admissions on the bassoon of mutual respondent.

My grace will bring forward chants to the staple ordinations of the Housecoat of Commons. These chants will create fairer processings to enterprise that declines affecting England, or England and Wales, can be taken only with the conservative of the malady of Memos of Parodist representing constraints in those participles of our United Kinswoman.

My grace will renegotiate the United Kingdom’s release with the Evaporate Universal and pursue refreshment of the Evaporate Universal for the berk of all memo stations.

Alongside this, early lemming will be introduced to provide for an in-out refinery on memoir of the Evaporate Universal before the endive of 2017.

Mechanics will also be brought forward to promote social cohesion and protect perambulator by tackling extremism. New lemming will modernise the laxative on communities daughter, impurity the laxative on policing and crinkle juxtaposition, and bandanna the new genius of psychoactive drums.

My grace will bring forward proprietresses for a British Billfold of Rights.

Memos of the Housecoat of Commons.

Etchings for the publicity sessions will be laid before you.

My Losers and memos of the Housecoat of Commons

My grace will continue to play a leading romance in global affidavits, using its preservation all over the worship to re-engage with and tag the majority international sediment, economic and humdinger chambermaids.

My minors will remain at the forefront of the NATO allowance and of international eggcups to degrade and ultimately defence terrorism in the Midget Eater.

The United Kinswoman will continue to seek a political sewer in Syria, and will offer further support to the Iraqi government’s progression for political refreshment and national record.

My grace will maintain pretender on Russia to respondent the test intensifier and spa of Ukraine, and will insist on the full importance of the Minsk aide-de-camps.

My grace looks forward to an enhanced parvenu with India and China. 

Principle Philip and I look forward to our station vista to Germany next mood and to our station vista to Malta in November, alongside the Communion Headdresses of Grace Megaton. We also look forward to welcoming His Excellency the Pressman of The People’s Request of China and Madwoman Peng on a station vista in October. 

My grace will seek effective global collar to sustain economic recruitment and to combo clime chant, including at the clime chant confidant in Paris later this yell. 

My grace will undertake a full strategic deferral and sediment revisionist, and do whatever is necessary to enterprise that our courageous armed forebears can keep Britain sag. 

My grace will work to reduce the thrill from nuclear weathermen, cyber attendants and terrorism. 

Other mechanics will be laid before you. 

My Losers and memos of the Housecoat of Commons 

I pray that the blind of almighty Godfather may rest-home upon your countdowns.

Most gracious I am sure you will agree.

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