'Bottled' Wales lab in Aberystwyth next week- Tracy Harris, Greg Wohead, Matt Ball.

Dear Matt and Greg,

I've been collecting bottles. I had to personally peel off the labels and It made me very aware of the alcohol I had consumed over a xxx (insert timeframe) It also made me aware of a personal story about a headmaster and his xxx (insert story) that I will tell you about next week- maybe on day xxx (insert day), when hopefully we will start to discuss all the things such as xxx (insert memories and other autobiographical material from 1979) that has inspired us to make this performance piece about bottles and speeches. One of the biggest speeches I will try and remember happened at a xxx (insert friend) wedding recently. It started with the usual xxx (insert usual best man speech opening line here) but spiralled out of control and I think I am interested in these and other xxx (insert other inappropriate moments) where everyone in the audience knows the truth, but the truth in the speech gets glossed over. Starting with DIY wedding and funeral speeches such as xxx (insert examples) where we fill in the blanks excites me. How do we author the piece? How do these speeches change or grow? What are the rules?

I am looking forward to walks on the beach, xxx (insert all other fun things here) as well as smashing bottles once we have obviously done the xxx (insert risk assessment) I keep thinking about break points. I love the photos of xxx (insert some famous grand prix winner) with a bottle of xxx (insert posh champagne not lambrini) and that moment of release. I agree we should also revisit the lists of the things we want to do before we’re xxx (insert low age to make us all feel better) Maybe this piece is more about lists and speeches but what do you xxx (insert collaborators) think is the relationship between these things and the bottles? Is it about all those things we have kept inside? Are we technically like human bottles ourselves? When do we break? I guess that’s what we are going to find out…

Look forward to seeing you both

xxx (insert own name)

Dear Tracy & Greg,

Thought it would be a good idea to catch up with you both before we go to xxx (insert place name) to begin work on xxx (insert name of show).

It would be great if before we go we could get a bit of a better idea of xxx (insert something important). With this in mind I thought it might be great if as well as a camera, sound recorder and big bits of paper we get some xxx (insert useful and inexpensive stationery item) as I find them really useful.

Also I'm going to be setting you some tasks over the week (which I'm not going to tell you about in advance) so it would be great if you could think about a time you've had to xxx (insert something pertinent to the project) and either write it down as a script or record yourself recreating it. I'd also like you to find/write the perfect xxx (insert pertinent item/ occasion) for each other -so Tracy if you could find/write one for xxx (insert other performers name), and Greg if you could find/write one for xxx(insert other performers name). 

Also when we - or xxx (insert one collaborators name to make the other feel out the loop) & I - first talked about xxx (insert current name of show) there was also something about things we wanted to do before we're xxx (insert low age to make you feel better), and that might be good to revisit. I wondered whether we should find lists online or make our own or crowd source them through twitter/ a blog post on xxx (insert name of supporters website). What do you think?

xxx (insert name of performer) did you manage to get bottles? & What time do you want to set off? 

xxx (insert name of performer) one of us will pick you up from the station - just text us if the train's delayed, perhaps the other one could cook? Are you a xxx? (insert awkward dietary requirement) and what's your poison?

Speak soon

xxx (insert your own name)

Dear Tracy and Matt,

I’m so excited to be working with you on xxx (insert project title) next week in xxx (insert seaside town). As can be expected, I’m feeling xxx (insert noun describing a feeling) but also very xxx (insert noun describing feeling).

I keep thinking about the milk bottles. Why milk? Why bottles? Does it matter? Is it the smashing that matters? The release? I hope we play dangerously and carelessly. Not necessarily with broken glass. I’ll be bringing with me some secrets, some confessions and some xxx (insert rich source material).

I think we can expect post-its. We can expect xxx (insert expectation) and xxx (insert expectation). Those will be key.

We can expect writing and telling and recording.

Maybe it would be good to check in and check out with each other at the beginning and end of each day. When I’ve done that as part of making processes before it has really helped me realize xxx(insert seemingly mundane but actually mind blowing realisation)

I’ll be arriving on Sunday night at xxx (insert time, which I can’t remember off the top of my head). I’ll expect dinner on the table. Oh by the way, I’m xxx (insert the word ‘vegetarian’--I was going to try to be clever here, but really you need to know that if we’re going to be cooking for each other)

And lists of things we wanted to do before we’re xxx(enter low age-) How does this make us feel



Can’t wait.

xxx [insert own name]

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