Bradley Manning goes on trial tomorrow accused of the biggest leak of classified information in US military history. The next day is his birthday. Just as we start work on The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning - NTW18, the shape of the case against him and his defence will get clearer.

While we read the first drafts of Tim Price's script and work on how we're going to create the play, Bradley's situation and the whirlwind of political change his alleged actions have brought about are unfolding all around us. Tomorrow, the world will focus on him.

There'll be a torrent of information in the media and public conversations about Bradley and his story in the next couple of days. If you're new to the story, check out this video. 

I'm multiplatform designer for the play, and have been doing a lot of thinking about what we can do as part of the show to bring Bradley's case and our story about his time in Wales to a wider audience using online platforms.

I'll be sharing more of this journey in the months to come, as will Tim, John McGrath (Directing) and others working on the show, but to start, I thought, let's just really think about Bradley Manning himself - his life and his actions, how the world has reacted and what the the US military will do to him.

I wonder how he's feeling today?

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