Synopsis - Once again evil descends on the small town of RaisenDale,USA with infamous serial killer Gregory Herman Love being resurrected from the grave by a coven of Satanic witches to claim the lives of the town's young girls. Can Chief of Police John Booth lay this maniac back to the grave, and this time for good?

This project is part of a feature film called Grindsploitation: The Movie. It already has an imdb page and has quite a few directors attached doing various trailers for this style of cinema which usually involves a lot of guts, guns, girls and mass murder. So you would be contributing to something hopefully very special and the first of it's kind on the film market.

Please note that actors applying must be able to do a convincing American accent

The trailer I'm making is for a 'film' called Pray For Death 4: The Final Prayer. This is a going to be an authentic homage to the slasher films of the late 70's from directors such as Dario Argento (Suspiria) and William Lustig (Maniac). The script is packed with all kinds of stuff you'd hope to find from this kind of cinema with plenty of blood, murder and mayhem but also a lot of tongue in cheek humour that I think people will appreciate. The horror will be tense and frightening and the black comedy will hopefully give people a good laugh too. This will be a fun project to work on and something I believe you can have fun with as an actor.

I can send any actors interested in the project my directing showreel and of course a copy of the script to see if it's something they would like to be a part of. In exchange for acting in the production I will edit your acting showreel free of charge, should you have one needing to be cut together to send to future casting agents, directors etc

If you're interested then please contact me at




THE CHIEF - The good husband, the kind father, the hard man who's packing a six shooter and isn't scared to use it. He loves his town and his family and will do anything to protect it. Been Chief of police for the past 15 years, running a smooth sailing ship in a low crime town. He's blown evil away several times already and is now sleeping easy in the belief that Gregory Herman Love truly is dead.

Min Age 40

Max Age 50

GWEN (CHIEF'S WIFE) - She's clean cut America, proud of her family and the strong glue that keeps it together. She's not afraid to speak her mind. She's seen her husband  
hit the lowest of the low and she WONT let that happen again.

Min Age 40

Max Age 50

PRIEST GRONDOR  - He is the oracle of the community, wise and knows everything about the occult. When evil stirs he is the first to see the signs. British.

Min Age 50

Max Age 65

DETECTIVE SPINOTTI - Dodgy NYC cop who insisted to be moved down to the town to work on the case. He has an unhealthy obsession with the dead.

Min Age 25

Max Age 35

GILL - He's a tough guy, the guy at the bar you don't mess with, but he's as sweet as fresh cherry pie to his wife and daughter. God forbid anybody ever did anything to hurt his family.

Min Age 40

Max Age 50

SISSY (GILL'S DAUGHTER) - Daddy’s little princess, cheerleader, home coming queen, a parents dream. But behind closed doors a little nymph who's hungry for boy.

Min Age 18

Max Age 24 

DEBRA (SISSY'S MOM, GILL'S WIFE) - Old bitty, New Yorker, devoted wife. 

Min Age 40

Max Age 50

BRET - A big young dumb jock. He's got more brains in his pants than in his head.

Min Age 18

Max Age 25

LITTLE SUSIE - Daughter of The Chief and Gwen. Sweet and innocent.

Min Age 7

Max Age 9

LAB TECH - A genius. Knows his job. Very matter of fact.

Min Age 30

Max Age 40

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Comment by Christopher Henry Axworthy on March 25, 2015 at 9:40

Hey Ellen, yes expenses will be covered 

Comment by Ellen Morris on March 24, 2015 at 12:58


Will expenses be paid?

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