Can theatre heal wounds and do soldiers have soul?

We are creating a show with a group of war veterans and their family members. It's a roller coaster. The stories we are hearing range from the terrifying to the ridiculous. American and British commanders squabbling in the Gulf desert, fear and paranoia on the streets of Northern Ireland, Navy troops accidentally blowing up whales in the Falklands because they make the same sound as submarines...all true.

This show will be at Chapter 13th-15th June. Come and see it. You don't have to be pro-war (is anyone pro-war?), this is not a piece of patriotic propaganda but neither is it a group of artists saying war is bad. It' a story of how boys became men, went away to war and  came home someone different.

And its a story of women. Their war is still raging.

No actors are used, real stories told in the theatre by the people who've lived therm.

See you there.

Abandoned Brothers, Chapter, 13th-15th June

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