Casting Call for a Read Through

Seeking actors for a table reading on the 26th April. I’m looking for readers who can do a South Walian accent, acting experience not essential. Unfortunately the roles are unpaid, but food and drinks will be provided.

Set in 2014, Ringland follows the lives of five disenfranchised teenagers who live on a poverty stricken estate, forced to find sanctuary from their constrictive parents, patrolling police and a gang of older boys who dominant the estate. 



Kendall & Kendall 2

Joseph Kendall, is the most sensitive and the intelligent one in the group. However, this has made him repressed as he shouldn’t show this sensitivity. Thus bringing to life Kendall 2. Kendall 2 is his inner voice that tries to convince Kendall to indulge himself in the madness of the estate.


Daniel ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan, loves his life in Ringland. He’s realised that this won’t last forever so he’s just going to enjoy the ride. He had this premonition after his father left him and his mum when he was younger. Strangely, he holds no animosity toward his father for leaving. He is the unofficial leader of the gang.


Craig Trahern, is hiding a secret. Recently, he’s found himself having ‘conflicting’ fantasies. First it started off as a curiosity, now it seems to dominate his sexuality and he hates it. He knows boys who have been accused of being gay and they’re far from happy.

Lil’ B

Kristian ‘Lil’ B’ Beale, is rough. He could be concrete evidence that proves the Napoleon Complex exists. He is the most violent one in the group, ready to fight anyone and stand up to the police (often getting arrested). He would rather die than be humiliated by anyone.


Abigail ‘Abby’ Prichard, is aggressive. She’s fully embraced life on the estate, donning a tracksuit and a bad attitude. She is going out with one of the older boys who’s in one of the other gangs who hang around on the estate – this relationship comes with consequences.



Auditions will be held at USW Atlantic House (Smart Way, Cardiff, CF10 4PP) in room AH005 at 5-7:30pm on the 18th April.

The reading will take place at Gwdihw Café Bar (6 Guildford Cres, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 2HJ) on the 26th April in collaboration with Speak Easy ( However, on the 22nd and 25th there will be table reads leading up to the event.

If you’re interested or have any questions please contact me at


All the best,

James Humphreys.

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