CASTING CALL: Lead Male required for X-files Parody Web series

We're on the hunt for an actor to play a 23-year-old Mulder in a no-budget Parody Web Series called Mulder's Mysteries.

The Show

Mulder’s Mysteries is a largely paranormal web series featuring two of sci-fi’s most loved characters, Mulder and Scully… But not as we’ve seen them before. Born in the 90s and raised in Britain, Mulder and Scully are in their early twenties studying at Oxford university. The series follows their believer versus sceptic dynamic, their everyday life troubles; their relationships with each other and, of course, the Christ Carter special – their ‘will they, won’t they’ tension. As well as discussing paranormal and supernatural topics each week, every week.

The series is a Youtube vlog style format that will be released via Youtube either Oct 2016 or Oct 2017. The exact date will depend on how fast we can find our Mulder.

The Character

Mulder is a 23-year-old psychology student at Oxford University. He's a confident, charismatic, witty dork with obsessive, compulsive tendencies. He calls himself a truth seeker and believes there's more to life than what we are told - especially when it comes to the paranormal, supernatural and occult with others. With this passion for all things weird, wonderful and mysterious, he decides to start a Paranormal Youtube Channel.

The ideal actor will be 22-26 (or able to appear 23), good looking, have brown hair and be at least 5 ft 11" (6 foot plus preferred). 

The Production

We have absolutely no budget and everything about this project is being funded by ourselves. Ideal role for someone in the South Wales who is starting out as we are. However, we will be keeping tabs on the number of hours each member of our team commits to the show with the aim of back paying should this series make any money after release. At which point, you will receive £9.50 per hour contributed.

We anticipate 7 x 10 hour shoot days. Filming will take place on weekends. The date TBC dependent on actor's availability.

You will also receive food, an IMDB credit and access to the cut video footage for showreels.

The show will be shot in two residential locations in Aberdare and Cwmbach. Parking available at both locations and train stations within 5/10 minutes walk of locations.

We have a number of web series of this type planned for filming over the next year. Our goal is to build up our presence on Youtube and develop funding that will enable us to eventually cover the costs of production and pay our team. We are extremely interested in hearing from people who are interested in collaborating and building a long-term relationship with us.


Auditions to take place via taped video audition. This production will only go ahead once we find our Mulder.

Email with a headshot and CV if you fit the role.

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