The UK, 2010 - Secretly atheist kids ETHAN (10) and SARA (9) are being forced to practice their parents' religions and become further integrated into their faiths, alienated from their friends and classmates. Worried about their safety and future they need to find a way to their independence. Will they be accepted or rejected by their parents for showing their true nature?

ETHAN (lead) - male, around 10 years old, all ethnicities
A young boy in a Christian family that cannot spend enough time with his friends because of duties that come with his faith.

SARA (lead) - female, around 9 years old, middle-eastern/Arabic (or similar)
A young girl in a Muslim family that is forced to wear her headscarf for the first time and gets pressured to start partaking in more religious customs. Her mandatory clothing makes her a target of racism and anti-Islamic attitude from her peers.

ETHAN'S FATHER (lead) - male, 40+, all ethnicities
A devout Christian that cannot imagine his son not following in his faithful footsteps.

SARA'S MOTHER (lead) - female, 40+, middle-eastern/Arabic (or similar)
A devout Muslim that cannot imagine her daughter not following her faithful footsteps.

RUSSEL (support) - male, 10-16, all ethnicities
Ethan's friend inviting Ethan to play football.

This is a student production for the University of South Wales, unpaid, but we will cover any travel and parking costs and will have plenty of food on set for everyone.

The production is expected to be shot from the 28th of April until the 29th of April, with possible reshoots during the week after.

Rehearsals would take place at an agreed upon time, the week before.

Thank you for reading through and best regards,

For any additional information message me here, e-mail me at or call me at 07543 796 719

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