We're looking to find actors for our BFI funded short film; Panic.


Dylan, a young farmer, is desperate to escape his life. As his opportunity creeps closer, he is plagued by violent visions. There's a rage building inside of him that has him terrified he might hurt the people he loves.


We’re looking to cast five roles, one male lead (18 - 22), one female supporting (18 - 22), one male supporting (50) and two minor male roles (mid twenties).


We will be shooting in South West Wales in late October or early November. These will be paid positions.


I’ve attached the character profiles below and a link to a mood reel we created for the BFI pitch.


If you are interested please get in touch and I can forward the script on.


Kind Regards


James Cookson



Mood Reel


Password: cookson



Dylan/male/lead/18 - 22. Dylan is a hard working farmers son. On the outside he’s quiet, calm, and often lost in his own thoughts, but building up inside of him is an anger and rage that threatens to boil over. Feeling trapped and disillusioned by the path his life has taken his mental health has begun to deteriorate. At night he’s haunted by nightmares, violent acts against the people he cares for, and now he’s terrified they might come true.

3 to 5 days.



Thomas/male/supporting/50 - 60. Thomas is a farmer who’s worked the land all his life. But since his wife left he’s turned cynical and mean. Drink eases the pain but it's made him ignorant to his son’s distress.

1 to 2 days.



Jenny/female/support/18 - 22. Jenny is a local girl growing up in a working class family. She’s honest and truthful and has an emotional intuition. Like her boyfriend, Dylan, Jenny has a desire to escape her hometown. Living with her parents and working in a local corner shop isn't how she expected her life to be at 18. She can see Dylan is in distress but she doesn't know how to help him.

2 to 3 days.


Aeran and Nash

Aeran and Nash/male/support/25 - 30. Both men are small time drug dealers, cannabis and pills, and also heavy users. Their not criminal masterminds but they manage to do enough business to keep them unemployed and high. Aeran is the brains and Nash the muscle.

1 day.

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