Casting for : Someone Who'll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is a startling testament to the power of the human spirit. Following an Englishman, American, and Irishman through their experience as hostages, McGuinness’ multi-award winning play is both funny and heart-wrenching. As the three men wrestle with their differences to develop an extraordinary friendship, we are asked to consider life on the edge of human existence. Ultimately the play is a celebration of life and humanity.

This is a profit share production which will rehearse during evenings and weekends, wherever possible working around prior commitments.

This piece is a gift for talented performers, with moments of hilarity and heartbreak for all three. The process will be exciting, we hope to form a close knit cast and crew to deliver a high quality show that all involved can be proud of!

Dates: 16th - 18th April, Lefel 1, St. David's Hall, Cardiff

Rehearsals: TBC but will be split between Cardiff and Pontypridd.


This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew operate under safe and fair working conditions.

Protecting Actors : SHIELD:6662


Casting Breakdown:

To apply please email, stating which role you are interested in :

or visit:

Character 1: Adam Canning

American (Californian) - Actor must be a native, or able to sustain and perform with an accent for a long period.

Aged 30-50

Adam is a calm, powerful character – must be able to allow his humanity to shine through at points.

Needs an actor who can exert immense power and stage presence without speaking.

Actor must be physically fit as Adam does push-ups and runs on the spot whilst speaking

Notes on Adam-
*A Doctor (psychologist promoting the welfare of Children in the Lebanon).
*Quiet, but exerts a powerful influence over his cell-mates.
*Has been held captive for the longest amount of time (4 months when Michael enters).
*Opens play, but only appears in Act 1.

A brilliant role who will resonate strongly with an audience.

Character 2: Edward Sheridan

Edward is from Belfast and as such requires an actor who is from Northern Ireland or can sustain an accent throughout performance.

Mid 20’s – mid 40’s – the youngest of the 3

A strong sense of humour
A strong personality
Possibly an underlying threat of violence / madness which he keeps in check.

*Photographer / journalist
*’Loud’ / energetic.
* The second of the three to be taken hostage, the first to be freed.
*Married with 3 children.
*Loves sport + Music

Edward is on stage throughout the performance and is a gift for any actor.

McGuinness said... Edward, the Irishman and a war correspondent, became the biggest challenge to the playwright. 'I had to remember that my instinctive sympathies would be with him. He's a funny as well as an aggressive character. He's the one who initiates the cracks, but he's frequently topped. That's what I had to do to curb him just a wee bit.'

Character 3: Michael Watters

English, well spoken.
The least confident of the three, possibly wears glasses, possibly slightly overweight.
Playing age 40-65

 An intelligent man, lacking in social skills, under confident. – a ‘geek’. He was a professor of 'Old English' at an English University before he was 'downsized'

*A university professor of ‘Old English’.
*Moved to the Lebanon only recently to teach English.
*The last to be taken, has to find a place in the relationship of Adam & Edward.
*A widower.

Michael joins the three in scene 2 and is on stage throughout the rest of the production. A real gift of a character fir a talented actor who can work to find the truth in the character.

'I'm very proud of Michael,' beams McGuinness. 'He is one of those extraordinary Englishmen you want to murder after two minutes, but after 20 years you love very dearly.'


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