Calm down, we are simply looking for groups or societies or organisations from across Wales to offer an activity to our travelling band of artists to take part in. For example on one of the days, a group of dancers from Mid-Wales have invited us to come to a practice session where they will dance for us then give us a beginner’s course in a 19th century form of dance. This is not my usual territory but that’s kind of the point.

Before all that takes place the selected artists will be given information on the history of each group and the activity they will be offering. There will be an emphasis on pre-project discussion between the artists and groups with a view to sharing their processes, working methods and anything else that could potentially strengthen the links between them.
We’ll then have to choose from the huge list of camping sites and food stuffs and possible stop-offs but only after we have gotten our heads around the best route to take. Then and only then we will be ready to set off on our eight-day grand tour. Each day we will take in a different group and partake in a different activity. During and after each activity the artists will talk, record and gather information to go towards their response to the journey. We’ll then get back on the bus and travel to our next destination, next adventure. The artists’ will reflect during each journey and there will be some surprises thrown in too. We’ll eat together and camp together staying in a different geographical location each night.

It is an ideal way to forge new collaborations, networks and an awareness of other practices, concerns and geographical perspectives. North and South don’t mix enough in Wales and Cerbyd will go someway towards providing a creative map of Wales, making it easier to identify important communities and artist groups. It will also benefit those wishing to work in Wales, by bringing contemporary art practice and new audiences into rural areas that can often be neglected.

The project will offer artists the opportunity to share knowledge outside of a gallery/exhibition system. Talking openly and sincerely about their practice, collaborations and future projects whilst creating a pond in Anglesey. It couldn’t be further from the disingenuous networking that goes on at openings up and down the country fuelled by cheap wine and shameful self promotion.

Cerbyd will develop further the critical network that is growing throughout Wales, while focusing on the long-term goals of cultural and critical dialogue, in addition to the artist's professional development.

Cerbyd aims to be a catalyst for engaging new audiences, for sharing networks to mutual advantage and for cross pollination of ideas and approaches for artists and community groups.

There I’ve said it. Just got to make sure it does it now. Like it says on the tin and all that…

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