Hi all!

I was just doing my daily procrastinating on Facebook (we all do it ok), and saw something really interesting which Peter Cox of Rhayader posted on Rhayader's Facebook page

So, turns out Cerys Mathews is doing a radio show about the A470. And before you ask, no, it's not about or civil engineering. It's about Wales, and the people who live along this epic road that joins the North and South. And she stopped by with our mates at Rhayader, and she end up with the Butetown beauties as well, like Hassan.

Who else does she bumps into who NTW have met along the last 3 years? Or will in the future? 

So here's a link to THE WELSH M1 - how epic is that name??

First program starts tomorrow at 11am, but if you miss it they'll put it on iplayer.

Nice one Peter!

Now I feel much less guilty for procrastinating!

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