I felt that this production title written by the poet Gwyneth Lewis should have at least included the words,

"Adapted from ..the original Greek Tragedy' on the publicity.

To me ' this' Clytemnestra had none of the pathos or final cathartic effect of a tragedy and was an unsuccessful mis - match of contemporary with the ancient myth.The language also alternated between Valleys speak and a more ancient delivery that was unrealistic.

The main actor actor were, in my opinion, 'over the top' and the various stage effects added nothing to the production excess noise and smoke. Clytemnestra herself became increasingly hysterical as the action progressed so that her motivation was 'unreal' or unconvincing to say the least.

The representation of the Furies as inner demons was an interesting concept , but again never fully realised nor did it connect to the main arc of the drama.

The absence of the Greek Chorus that would have been part of the original giving the play a context within which these dreadful events took place , but the language of these Furies did not.

Perhaps poets should stick to writing poetry and playwrights plays. 


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