Coed: Roots and Legends -- Call-Out for Artists and Performers


Coed: Gwreiddiau A Chwedlau

Coed Hills Rural Art Space are glad to present COED: Roots & Legends, a performance & arts event.

Public event on 31st July 2019

Participants workshop 8th-12th July

Access to the site upon request from June

Following the success of our recent event Promenade With Pylon, we invite you to take part in our next ordeal Coed, Roots & Legends. Continuing the theme of performativity through the woods, we are taking a look back on the people and happenings that formed the unique mythology, which makes up Coed as we know it, today. With more performance spaces available, Coed, Roots & Legends will cover more land.  Expect a family festival feel, with workshops and music in addition to performance art.

Coed Hills Rural Art Space is a community run permaculture, arts and events space. Founded in 1997, when our first exhibition erupted in the woods with 40 artists and over 500 works of art. Coed Hills has evolved through many phases. The focus shifting between a predominant involvement in the arts, to strictly permaculture based... The pendulum has swung from 40 residents to 3 residents and now rests at the current 15. Today, our community marries the practical to the artistic. The roots which bind us together- our common goal of sustainability, expressed through the love of cultivation and creation. 


Storytelling has been happening as long as humans have been sitting ‘round fires! Stories relate to the individual and on a mass scale. Stories are passed on, Stories change. Stories are made up. Stories are real. Stories teach. Stories can trick. Stories can treat. Stories can reveal. Stories can be deep or simply entertain. Stories can be told through word or through action, through static object or through sound. We want to experience and facilitate stories of all forms - We all have stories to tell, what’s your story? What do you wanna say, do, make, share, be, see? Has something happened to you, to someone else, has something not yet happened, will it happen on the day?! 


The source of nourishment. Our historic roots; from where we have grown. Both as the human species and as individuals; we invite you to explore your connection to your own roots and also the physical roots of our woodland. We invite these stories to be presented and shared through performance or installation. 

We will host a workshop week from the 8th of July when we invite you to come visit or stay at Coed Hills Rural Artspace - this will be time to brainstorm ideas, settle into spaces, get inspired and create, try things out, discuss... Really feel your potential in the space. 

Gemini and Fay will be on site to liaise with the community and support your artistic endeavours  - to integrate artist with community and land. 


We have been creating the Giant’s Lair, a site-specific amphitheater created from the very trees that surround it! The woods in its entirety is available for any sustainable endeavours, some sites of interest include The Birdcage sitting at the top of the carpark field with its bent bars...The lake hosting Pylon, interactive sound sculpture, The Immaculate Chamber; a glasshouse in the woods, The Bunker…

Contact us! Send an email, make a call. We will be accepting applications in text, video, photo, conversation… Any format you feel best represents your work. 

Gemini Anderson


Fay Burnett


Coed; Roots and Legends Call-Out

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