Me being a spoken word enthusiast  I  try to see as many performers as possibly can however i live in the middle of nowhere so events seem to be few and far between. So when i heard of “Counrty Boy’s Struggle” a new spoken word play I was excited until I looked at the location, it was at the Albany in London and me being from Wales meant I couldn’t afford the travel expenses. Fortunately for me I was in contact with a few members of the National Theatre Wales’s team and they informed me of the National Theatre Wales training budget.

With this I was able to see the show as they offered to pay my travel, And I’m so thankful that they did as I got such a lot out of it including a lot of advice and contact information. Also the show was very good i think no matter what your previous relationship with the theatre you would enjoy this. Even if you’re not too much into the spoken word side of it Maxwell golden (writer and actor) has such a interesting use of physicality, he manages to create over thirty different characters.

It was truly inspirational to the degree I have decided to write my own show now and I also hear that it might be touring Wales soon so if it does I strongly advise going to see it.

Also if you a bit like me and feel a bit unconnected with what’s going on or are just need some advice or a hand in getting a project of yours under way I strongly recommend getting in touch with the NTW team I seem to have become a lot busier since I have been in contact with them and am thoroughly enjoying it.


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Comment by Peter Gregory on September 4, 2012 at 22:28

Hi Frank

just seen your blog so thought  I'd let you know that Night Out is bringing Country Boy's Struggle to Wales- we have 4 dates in October

24th Oct Barry Boys School

25th Soar in Merthyr

26th a community hall in Ely tbc

28th Drama Centre Llandrindod Powys

all events are being run as Young promoter Projects so groups of young people form the community will be promting them- Abdul fromNTW is leading the group from Ely


mor einfo to follow but you can check out great videos promting the show on

and more info on show times keep an eye on listings for Night Out events

Comment by Devinda De Silva on December 14, 2011 at 6:28

Nice one Frank.

For those of you who missed this the first time round here's a link to Frank performing at Word4Word a few months ago.

Comment by National Theatre Wales on December 13, 2011 at 21:49

Really glad to hear that you enjoyed Country Boy's Struggle so much Frank. You might want to look at some more of the stuff coming out of Albany, MAC Birminghan, and Contact Manchester (Contact's Director Baba Israel directed Country Boy).  I'm looking forward to news of your show! 

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