CRITICAL CHINWAG! 'Schrödinger' as part of World Stage Design

Hi all!

It's time for the next Critical Chinwag!

Critical Chinwag is the NTW TEAM's 'theatre review club' i.e we watch shows in a group, then we discuss it on the evening and also online here- Critical Chinwag. You do not have to come from a theatre background to be involved with this evening, it's just s great opportunity to see new stuff for free, meet new people and have a chat about it all after!

The next evening is to see 'Schrödinger' by Reckless Sleepers at Sherman Cymru, Cardiff on Wednesday 11th of September.

"In 1933 Erwin Schrodinger won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to Quantum Mechanics. He theorised a box in which a cat exists as living and dead at the same time. In 1998 Reckless Sleepers built that box – and now over a decade later, they are climbing back inside."

This show is at Sherman as part of the World Stage Design - a celebration of international performance design, so this is a fantastic opportunity to see a world renowned show, and best of all, for FREE thanks to TEAM!

All you need to do is e-mail me on by Friday 6th of September . We have got 4 tickets available so please get in touch asap!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Bud x

P.S here's a little clip to wet your appetites...

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Comment by Matt Ball on August 29, 2013 at 10:35

Good choice. I'm away otherwise I'd be there.

Comment by Buddug James Jones on August 28, 2013 at 20:19

I am super excited to see this....

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