It's been a few weeks now since NTW's co-production with Out of Joint, Sherman Cymru and the Arcola has left Wales and gone on the road "up England".

So far, it's reviews have been incredible 

“Brilliant. It wrenches the gut and makes the soul sing… Staggeringly moving” - The Times

Assistant director on the show, the lessons learned from both National Theatre Wales and Out of Joint were invaluable. As an artist whose developing craft has been an eclectic amalgamation of methods going from three weeks of method acting, living as a Serbian priest's wife who couldn't put a baby doll down for five minutes to working with Song of the Goat, where we think only through movement, touch and gut, staging King Lear in the dark in an underground secret bunker somewhere in Essex gouging someone's lychee'd eyes out to working more traditionally with the RSC, it was grounding to a degree to go back to a rehearsal room with a director who has a clear process, sit down and work through the script with a fine "twth" comb. Why are we saying these lines? What are we trying to do to the other person?

The other major lesson I'd never underestimate is, making good work isn't always about having the best ideas. It's being able to execute those idea's by connecting with the team of talented people you've chosen to surround yourself with, and getting the right people in the room is a skill in itself!

Although my recent work is devised by an ensemble who inspire me, and who I feel honoured to work with, working on Crouch has ignited my desire to work with text again, particularly new writing. What hasn't changed, and remains at the core of my development as a young director is the passion for play and political work, to tell relevant stories from under represented area's of Wales and move audiences with them.

Here are a few pics from Crouch on the road, but aside from this, if you're an emerging Welsh writer with a project in mind and looking to collaborate - Get in touch! /

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