So I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "blog" but I just wanted to share some thoughts on the new play that's about to hit Wales and subsequently the UK made by NTW in association with Out of Joint. I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to sit in on rehearsals this week and meet the lovely cast and creative team woking on it at the Sherman Theatre (it's first venue). On a personal level to be able to observe someone as experienced, astute and incredibly "on it" as Max Stafford-Clark was an absolute privilege and an invaluable experience that I think will always have some form of impact on my directing career. I think it is SO important for young creatives and actors to have access to those established practitioners who have come before us. Not only can we learn from them, we need to learn and take note of their techniques and approaches in order to develop our own styles and contributions to what the future of theatre is going to hold - we are learning our craft (and I can't get enough!). The play itself is beautifully crafted by the exciting writer that is Robin Soans and has a first class cast who tell the stories in a way that pulls you into their world so effortlessly. If you are from Wales you will find something to relate to, if you are from Bridgend this is a story about our town and our community. If you are not from either Bridgend or Wales there is still so much to recognise, invest and to take away in this play, messages about youth, sexuality, politics, media and family - it's extremely rich. I don't want to give anything away but the play is focused around the Welsh rugby legend that is Gareth "Alfie" Thomas and his story alone is so fascinating and also again very well known. This piece of theatre is something which I urge you to go and see, it's got me very excited and I'm probably not going shut up about it now for the next few weeks. But seriously if you go to see anything this year - make it 'Crouch Touch Pause Engage', you will not regret it!

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