Hello. I went to see Dark P on the press night. What a cracking show. The set was breathtaking, the acting top drawer and the script and direction enthralling and relevent. I was overwhelmed with piquant nostalgia at one point. It has to be said that the National Theatre is doing us proud, innovative without being pretentious, intelligent yet populist and rooted firmly in our soil. How wonderful after all these years of good work being lost in difusion. Unfortunately my night was dampened a little by bumping into John Magrath who poked his tongue out at me like a spitefull little elf. He told me that I was nowhere near as good as the actors in the show and I never would be. He said the only chance I have of ever working for him again is if they need a back end of a horse. I told him to piss off and leave me alone and he ran off giggling. Ah well. Dr Shivago XX

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on November 16, 2010 at 23:42
Boyd, Ollie my dear friends. Soooo sorry that I didn't have time to chat properly at press night. I was dashing off for drinks with some of the proper actors who've been working on our shows - including Sharon Morgan, Amy Starling and Siwan Morris of course. Sorry we couldn't invite you, but I thought you might feel embarrassed and out of place. Did I tell you about the film we're planning of Good Night Out..., the girls are going to be fantastic in it, and the chicken we've hired to play your roles Boyd is just outstanding. Ollie, we didn't have your number, so we pulled someone in off the streets to do your bits. It was uncanny how similar their interpretation was to yours - exactly the same twitches. Anyway, must go now, have to go and do 'director things'. Mwwwah.
Comment by Oliver Wood on November 16, 2010 at 19:41
lovely blog, great show, fab night out! wish i could have stayed at press night to mingle and tell everyone how great i thought it was. i would love to see it again i enjoyed it so much, which for me is saying something. i believe that in this production NTW are doing us all proud. well done and all the best to everyone involved with the production, told by an idiot and NTW. lovely seeing you to boyd! i saw john, but he looked at me grimacing with remorse before scampering off, pretending he didn't see me! i think he hate's me xx

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