Sometimes it's important to remember why we do the things we do. All the miles that we travel. All the people we meet and all the tricky situations that we negotiate. Sometimes it's important to stop and think about these things because there is a very real chance that tomorrow, these things won't be there and we will have missed something important. I am humbled by this thought and realise, at the end of this week of searching, that sometimes what you are looking for is right there. Getting bored by the opening chapter to a new book... and then excited when the lions come!

"The roaring of the brutes on either side was horribly close and seemed to be keeping up with the galloping horses quite easily. Then the cloud rolled away. The moonlight, astonishingly bright, showed up everything as if it were broad day. The two horses and two riders were galloping neck to neck and knee to knee just as if they were in a race." C.S. Lewis The Horse and His Boy

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