It's the end of the second day of the conference and everyone has left the seminar room to go and witness/participate in the musical activty in the cellar bar. I am taking the opportunity to quickly write before heading back downstairs. There has been much discussion of A Good Night Out in the Valleys and having access to so many different minds and opinions is invaluable to my research. When i get back I will arrange to meet up with Roger and Anwen before attempting to make my way down to Swansea to see where Volcano and the Welsh National Opera are at with Shelf Life. Speaking to Martin and Kirsty, it would be really useful if there were some audience reception analysis of some of the projects. It is going to be quite difficult if I am left to come to subjective conclusions about the work in relation to the communities within the specific locations. Particularly the first project which is so rooted in an unfamiliar place with very different values and concerns to my own.

I spoke for the first time publicly about the work that I have been doing and the work that I will be doing. I think the audience were pretty exhausted by that point, so I am grateful to them for their patience. Particularly when I played the 5 minute audio project. 5 painful minutes of listening through computer speakers that threatened to turn the sound into electronic screaming. Mike talked extensively about the Persians without actually giving anything away about the performance itself and the subsequent discussions brought up many interesting research ideas in relation to the site and the project.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and I will be heading back to Aberystwyth at 2:30pm to pick up a car and then drive down to the assembly project with Carl. We could really do with a sat nav for the evening.... any offers?

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