Day 27 - The Princess the Frog and the Sex Doll - Aberystwyth

I woke this morning and burst out of bed with enthusiasm. This was quickly replaced by nausea and the fear that I might be about to come down with something nasty.

It turned out that I wasn't, although I did avoid food for much of the day as a result. Poppy was sick again in the morning, so our weekly trip to the swimming pool was cancelled. So too was the trip to the cinema to watch the Princess and the Frog.

I received an email from Sam with a link to the website he has created for our project. Notes from...
It is useful to see the project formalised on the web. It provides clarity and intention.

In the evening I watched a film, Lars and the Real Girl, in which a man fell in love with and attempted to marry a sex doll. I won't spoil it by telling you what happened...

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