Day 4 - Mike Pearson Interview 1 - Aberystwyth

The first action of the project arrived today in the form of an interview with Mike Pearson about The Persians. We meet in his office and negotiate the space with a rather large video camera. Mike sits against the wall in the corner and I set the camera up with seeming confidence, thanks Dorian. The camera is definitely secure in it's mount and the sound check results in audio through the headphones and on the display. Light is also good. The angle not so, but I decide not to request that Mike rearrange his office to accommodate it. This is another good reason to locate a smaller camera.

I had deliberately not prepared any questions for the interview. Not beyond the first one anyway, "In a conversation that we had two years ago I asked you whether you thought that anyone would make large scale site-specific works like those of Brith Gof again. You said that you didn't think that it was possible anymore. What has changed since then?" The subsequent conversation is revealing about Mike's work, the NTW and his process of dramatic creation. I now have to type up and edit the interview... extracts will follow. My foot is now in the door.

My first supervisory meeting with Carl is at 12 in his office. I read a news cutting on his door while I wait that suggests that if you need to ask what it means to be an artist, you might as well ask what it means to be human. I am paraphrasing. But it makes me feel more secure about the neccessity of my research. I will go back to the door and check this if doubt begins to set in. We discuss my methodology and the final output of the project. I have to participate in some research modules later in the year. We agree to exchange notes about our meeting by email and Carl indicates that he likes my bag. At present my black bag is my office. We also plan a field trip to the beaches of north Wales. I am journeying and planning journeys. I have purchased a Calendar of Wales filled with Welsh landscapes. I am beginning to realise that, for the first time since I arrived here 13 years ago, I am actually about to begin to see Wales.

I now have real work to do.

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