Day 5.5 - Breakfast of Champions - Downstairs at the Commodore cinema Aberystwyth

Today (Friday) ended somewhere around 3am on Saturday morning in the Castle pub in Aberystwyth. I can't be sure if I am blogging Day 5 or day 6. A combination of both perhaps. Day 5.5.

Much of Friday was spent in the National Library. I read Clifford Geertz in an attempt to inform my writing style. And A Good Night Out, by the other John McGrath, occupies my study box ready for Monday morning.

In the evening I responded to the following Facebook invitation;

"05 March at 14:46

A quick reminder: tonight, Breakfast of Champions presents Do Make Say Dance!, our first DJ venture at the quirky, lynchean bar in the basement of the Commodore Cinema. Expect anything, from jazz to hip hop, from americana to nu-freak-folk, from punk to funk!

are only £2, and the music will start around 10pm.

Do come along!"

I did go along... if you are in Aberystwyth and in search of an alternative evenings entertainment in an unusual location you might want to come too.

Must remember to ring the NTW John McGrath tomorrow morning.

Night Night

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