Day 55 - Theatre and Politics, Politics and Theatre - The Old Library in Swansea

Today was most remarkable because not only was it day 55 but the code to the security lock on the front door of the hotel was 55 55. A coincidence? I'm not so sure. I haven't given anything away by telling you this because, as the landlord informed me, the code changes everyday to one more simple than the day before. So if you were to figure out which hotel it was, by now the code would be different. Though there must come a point in about 5 days where the code becomes 00 00 and beyond that it's not possible to become any simpler.

The landlord explained that not many people remember the code 55 55. Therefore he had a trick to help them remember the code 55 55. This was to make sure that they didn't forget the code 55 55. Because the code 55 55 was really simple and it was amazing how many people found it difficult to remember the code 55 55. So the trick to remember the code 55 55 was to repeat 55 55.... and so on. This lasted for about 5 minutes. Which is a long time when it's just you and a complete stranger stood two feet apart staring into each others eyes beneath a plastic fish that promisse to laugh at you. I explored a range of facial responses to the situation. Eventually I ran out and offered a lame, "aahh very funny!" I was able to recycle this line twice more before this was over. All the more menacing was his repeated tapping to the number 55 55.

By this point I had paid for the hotel room, but to be honest I was more than a little afraid. The sign in the window read 'No Vacancies' and yet as far as I could tell the hotel was empty except for me. It reminded me of Tales of The Unexpected... I looked around for a stuffed cat and couldn't see one.

Old library - Monkey - Old Library - Monkey - I spoke to a man with a table on his back.... video and audio of the day to follow.

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Comment by Dr Tom Payne on May 2, 2010 at 11:55
yes good point... I will listen to the audio and come back to this one...
Comment by Sybil Crouch on April 26, 2010 at 15:40
Bot what about the theatre and the politics.....??

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