hi summercampers!

I just made you a lovely little video in my greenhouse in Mountain Ash but can't upload in the way I hoped so I'm letting that go right now and instead leaving the handwritten questions (posed by Simon) that I pegged up to the roof, a tomato plant and a bucket and spade to continue to percolate over the coming weeks!:

who you are and where you are coming from?

precious things/people/places you'll leave behind?

and your hopes for Summercamp?

instead of the video here are some words and images in response to the questions


how do we 'attend' to ourselves, to others, to the environments we exist in...

what happens if we shift our habitual modes of attending

and emphasise our habitual modes of attending: our fascinations, loves, obsessions:

disrupt and expand perception and sensation at the same time?

what creative material results from this ...

movement, text, a question, an action

always an improvisation?

what happens if we follow what captures our attention

and creatively respond to it

in our own material and that of others?

what happens if we perform this attention or what captures it?

what happens if we give up a little control over this process?

how does our way of attending and creating effect relationship, community?


precious things/people/places you'll leave behind:

my partner, my garden, fast growing courgettes tomatoes and sweetpeas, my bed

and your hopes for Summercamp:

a time for experimentation conversation reflection inspiration and conspiration together

Yay, meet you all soon,


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