I'm in Pentir just outside Bangor, in a lovely cottage looking up at the mountains (thanks, Rhian), here to take my first set of weather readings for The Weather Factory. I've been doing a lot of driving, taken a lot of photos, stood in a sudden snowstorm in my T-shirt trying to record a description on a wet dictaphone with chattering teeth, written a lot of notes, and had a brilliant conversation with Twm Elias, a lecturer at the Snowdonia National Park study centre and expert of Welsh weather lore.

On Thursday I also had a look at a couple of sites that we might use for the project. And no, me, Mike and Mathilde didn't accidentally fall through a not-quite-open door into a depot in Bangor, and no, no-one called the police, and no, we didn't get a shock when two bobbies walked into the space we were reccying. Not at all.

More from this visit when I get back home and can upload images. This dongle isn't playing along...

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on December 21, 2009 at 22:48
Mathilde up Snowdon with a french-accented thermometer, all of you tumbling into a disused factory with a bunch of policemen. Is this a theatre project or a Pink Panther movie...

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