Dirty, Gifted & Welsh - A home for my tribe.

Dirty. Raw. That’s how I felt yesterday.

Gifted for sharing and having the opportunity to listen.

And proud to my core for being Welsh and for Wales.


When the world around us is telling us that art is dead or that we – as creatives – are superfluous it becomes more important for us to get together on mass and prove them wrong. That is what yesterday was for me. Co-hosting the Scratch stage with the wonderful Sophie McKeand and watching the sea of people pop in and out of the space and share was an uplifting experience.

I was amazed at the scope of people’s work, from TV scripts to spoken word the stage was a light with collaboration. Our four actors melted themselves into characters with enthusiasm and that came across in their connection to the work.

We even invented PoetryTag! With a cheesy theme tune from Stephanie Finegan.

It is so important to come together, to be a tribe and remind each other that we are not working alone, that we are all responding to the world around us and that regardless of your background – experience – pressures – there is always a stage for you.

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Comment by Rob Stradling on March 4, 2016 at 0:36

Very much enjoyed being part of the "sea", even if it was a dirty one! 

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