Dirty Gifted & Welsh: What should 2015 be like?

1 day:

14 plays

12 actors

4 directors

7 workshops and debates

100+ participants

1 cottage pie catastrophe....

It could only be....

Dirty Gifted & Welsh 2014!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made our second Dirty Gifted & Welsh such a successful celebration of new writing for performance in Wales. 

There were thriving debates about engaging writers outside the Cardiff (and Welsh!) scene; gender; and writing after the Scottish referendum.

Workshops included theatricality in storytelling; structure; and how a writer faces a blank page.

Plays and performances clashed with these workshops, debates, surgeries, ambient writing tasks, scratch performances, Q&As, a pub quiz, DJ, curry buffet, as activities overlapped across 3 spaces in the Angel Hotel, Cardiff.

As we catch our breath, we are starting to think about what a 2015 Dirty Gifted & Welsh could look like? 

What did you like about Dirty Gifted & Welsh 2014?

What would you like to see at next year's event? 

What could 2015's event BE?

Think BIG. Think Dirty. Think Gifted and Welsh... but most of all, please think ALOUD by posting your thoughts below this blog.

Dirty Gifted & Welsh is a celebration of and for writing for performance - so to do this best, we really do need your input. We will be thinking about the next event over the next few weeks, so please get typing...

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Comment by Catrin Fflur Huws on October 23, 2014 at 0:40

I thought DGW was brilliant - I really enjoyed the day - though the room could have been warmer! Cor blimey - talk about artists freezing in attics. The plays I saw were excellent (Branwen Davies' suffocate and the Dylan Thomas - or as my colleague called him - Tom and Dilys -  zombie piece and the woman with the balloon-man boyfriend were standouts) - though I lost track of who wrote what, which was a shame, but there were things going on in the other rooms that I missed. I thought that was a pity. The surgeries were really good - I regret not signing up for more of them.


For 2015, it might be good to get more outside people in - I'm not sure that anybody walking along the city streets on a Sunday afternoon would have known it was going on, so maybe some way of getting it out to more people would be good.


Not sure the curry thing quite worked - £10 for a buffet even if it is all you can eat (and there didn't seem to be very much for anybody who was taking that challenge seriously) seemed a little bit cheeky! Okay, okay - we Ceredigion people might have a bit of a reputation for being cheapskates, but I think on this occasion it was justified.


Anyway, just some 'off the top of my head thoughts and impressions but I am definitely looking forward already to 2015.


Comment by National Theatre Wales on October 22, 2014 at 7:32

What happened to the cottage pie??

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