Doppelgangster: Masters of the piratic form

"These days it seems that many things simultaneously eclipse and exacerbate long held fears for our planet. While Donald Trump meddles incompetently with the affairs of the world, his bumbling, dangerous actions apparently trivialise the very things he threatens. Surely only a fool would propose building a border wall with Mexico or set about operating global diplomacy on such an improvisational level that it's uncertain what relationship the US actually has with Russia or China?

Most satirical media responses are necessary and provide light relief, but concentrating on Trump's small hands, or whether his pronunciation of China sounds a bit like 'gina could perhaps be seen as a further distraction. We are ignoring the realities and embracing the fatalism afforded us by social media 'click'.

It was in light of this that I felt some pleasure contributing to the recent production by UK / Australian performance company Doppelganster of Everybody Loses: The Death Diary of Karl Patterson Schmidt; written by award winning Dadaist poet Tobias Manderson-Galvin with ecological raconteur Dr Tom Payne and performed as a compelling one man show by the latter."

Read the rest of this post by Everybody Loses videographer Sam Christie HERE.

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