Drill bits, cable ties and bunting: Setting up Dark Philosophers' Shop

Since Monday, I have been working with Matt Lawton to set up and get into our Dark Philosophers Shop in Newport town centre.

Our 8th show, The Dark Philosophers is happening at Riverfront Newport from 11-13 November.

To celebrate we are working with The Newport Empty Shops Project who have kindly given us the old SuperDragons Shop to make into our own space ("before" pics and SuperDragons above and below).

A 3-day Dragon Relocation Programme began, moving the much-loved dragons to their temporary exhibition space in the Kingsway Shopping Centre before their charity auction at the Riverfront on 27 October.

The shop was deep-cleaned and kitted out with lots of exciting bits and bobs including tea the National Theatre Wales Bunting!

Tonight, as Iceland shut up for the night next door and the sun set, Matt and I climbed a ladder to attach our brand new shop signage: The Dark Philosophers Shop! Now open For Business!

In the Shop this coming Friday 22 - Saturday 23 October we have the Newport Live Art Speed Date!!

Doors: 9.00pm after Elemental has finished at the Civic Centre. You can do both. For FREE!

Come for a glass of wine and some intimate one-on-one encounters with an exciting range of Newport-based talent and emerging artists.

Watch this short video for more info.

The Newport Live Art Speed Date is curated by National Theatre Wales in partnership with Stoke Newington International Airport with support from The Empty Shops Project and Newport Riverfront.

Also throughout the week we will be finding The Newport Question and asking:

What matters to people in Newport right now?

Come to the Shop in the daytimes all this week to take part in discussions about Newport: what matters, what's worth talking about and what can we do about it?

Pop in for a cuppa and let us know what matters to you! Write on our blackboards, film yourself or just have a chat and chew our ears off...

In the Valleys we asked: When does the future start?

In Swansea we asked: Is Swansea made of dreams or ambitions?

In Cardiff we asked: Is Cardiff a young city?

In Barmouth we asked: What's left after the summer tides?

In Prestatyn we asked: What does a Welsh person sound like?

In Brecon we asked: What is Brecon guarding and protecting?

In Bridgend we asked: Is love dangerous?

What will the Newport question be? Tell us!

We will keep you updated!

We have a full programme of events planned for our 4-week Shop Residency, including workshops, artist days and The Newport Assembly, which will attempt to answer the Newport Question.

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