Edinburgh 2012! Thoughts and an award.

As one edinburgh fringe finishes, now is perhaps the time to start thinking about next years festival!


There were a number of shows from Wales at this years fringe of varying sizes, from both national theatres to one person shows. Was it a good experience? What did you learn from going? Are there lessons we can share?


Kat Jones bloged about Bandwagon's experiences this year and the lessons learnt during their fringe, but what else can we share to make next years experience better for us as a comunity? How can we strengthen our presence at the worlds largest arts festival - following the sucess of Escalator East to Edinburgh & Made in Scotland should there be a similar scheme to help Welsh theatre makers take work to Edinburgh? 


I'm aware that I'm asking a lot of questions, but I believe now is the time to ask them. So here's a list of my thoughts & questions - at the end of which you'll find details of an award from Les Enfents Terrible to help a company taking a piece to next years festival.


Should the Edinburgh Fringe Roadshow come to Wales (this year it went to London, Edinburgh, Manchester, New York & Adelaide)?

What venues did you find helpful or Unhelpful?

What did you wish you'd known before you started?

Is going to Edinburgh worth it?

Could you have shared accommodation/ a van/ a performance slot with another company?

Did you get the press in to see your shows? How/why not?

Was your budget realistic? Would you be willing to share this information (if we pooled it and anonymised it?)

What advice and support could you have been given?

What advice would you give a first time company?

Was the show ready on the first night in Edinburgh?

Did you make full use of twitter/facebook/ flyering/ badgering to sell your show?

Should Wales have an equivalent to the Escalator scheme?


Far too many questions I know but I think it would be useful to start a dialogue now to see if we can support companies going to the fringe next year.


Finally here's a great opportunity from Les Enfants Terribles, who've been performing on the fringe for the last 9 years. They're offering an award to mark their 10th year - including cash, a venue & mentoring click here for more details.


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Comment by Catherine Paskell on September 1, 2011 at 17:05

I think an equivalent scheme to Made in Scotland would be vital, not least to the visibility Wales could have on the fringe - not to mention all the financial, emotional and inspirational advice artists could receive and the great feeling of doing something all together.


A key factor seems to be the existence of and support from an organisation like the Federation of Scottish Theatre, which works with the fringe and Creative Scotland (their Arts Council) to pull together organisations from all across Scotland, across all funding levels and scales of production. 


Who would be the equivalent to them in Wales? Could it be done without such a middle man?

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