Today is the final day of work for our legendary Executive Producer Lucy Davies before she heads off to her new role at London's Royal Court.  Streams of people have been coming through our offices to say goodbye, and there will be a lot more well-wishing and happy reminiscing tonight. Lucy produced 24 shows in the first three years of NTW, as well as providing inspiring leadership and support to a huge range of people.  Her ability to help artists reach their very best work, to bring extraordinary groups of people together on epic journeys, an quite simply to inspire everyone she works with has been crucial to NTW's success. We will all miss her hugely, but we know that she holds Wales and its artists in her heart wherever she goes, and her influence on Welsh theatre will last a very long time indeed.  Thank you for everything Lucy, with love from all the the NTW community.  

Lucy at our first NTW party four years ago!

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Comment by James Doyle-Roberts on April 20, 2013 at 22:45

Hear Hear!!

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