What is success?

Myself, I believe success is individual to each and every one of us. Something that may be a success in my life may not be to someone else. We all have different goals and ambitions. It's part of what makes us unique.
That in mind I've chosen a quote from American author Og Mandino who once said

'Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough'

In whatever we do our determination to succeed should outwiegh our fear of failure. We all come up against obstacles in life as we chase our dreams and try to make them a reality. (Whatever those dreams may be) and sometimes we question why we are doing this? What am I doing? I'm not progressing? And we start to question our paths that we are on.
As I always say we can all do it. We can all achieve our dreams/goals in life we 1) have to believe 2) have to have the determination that in times of questioning and self doubt we remain strong and see the bigger picture which is at the end of all the hard work, tears and late night phonecalls to your mum who reassures you you're doing the right thing you reach your dreams and you are a success.

Now being a success can be a million different things. Being a parent, a teacher, a police officer protecting your community, a politician with hopes of running the country, winning an Olympic gold medal, running a marathon, setting a charity, being a world renowned actor, writer, scientist, a doctor, a surgeon THE LIST IS ENDLESS...

My point being in this crazy world of technology, apps and social media you all can be anything you want to be. You just have to be determined and allow that determination to succeed!

Until next week
Much love :)

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