What is normal? To be NORMAL

I think that is a question we ask ourselves and get asked many times.
Is there such a thing? Or is it individual and what we ourselves as individuals, as human beings perceive to be normal?

I've questioned that a lot lately. Normality. What's acceptable.
Do we mask who we really are as we're afraid of being accepted. Being 'normal'

Food for thought :)

'I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.' –Stephen Covey

If we stay on the subject of normal then why can't each and every one of us be products of our decisions?
Make the decision to be you! Whoever that may be. Be proud of the individual you are because like I say every week. We are all different and unique and that's what's gorgeous. The mixture of personalities and talents throughout the world.
The greatest thing you can be is the purest version of yourself.

Also in life our circumstances may not be great wether that's in our past or in our present. We all go through tough times where the circumstances aren't the greatest, we all hit barriers but in those moments we all have decisions. Choices.
Some of us may chose not to make a decision and carry on being a product of the given circumstances at that time. But remember you do have a choice. A decision no matter how big or small. And you can become a product of your decisions.

Your circumstances don't have to hold you back ... EVER.
Let them be motivation!
And yes in life we will make the wrong decisions from time to time. why?
Because we're human beings. We make mistakes and it's learning from those mistakes that will make us grow and help us make the right decisions later on in our journeys.

Until next week
Much love :)

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