As another chapter in my journey comes to a close I take a moment to reflect. Reflect on what's happened, what I've done etc
I recently went to the national football museum (as you do) and whilst walking around I saw this quote by Sir Alex Ferguson on the wall and I knew straight away that I had to use it

'Hard work will always overcome natural talent when natural talent does not work hard enough'

I thought that quote was absolutely brilliant and so true. Not just from an acting point of view for me but this quote resonated because of it ability to relate in many areas people may choose to follow. It doesn't matter if you're a sportsperson, a mathematician, a politician, a musician, a dancer, a carpenter the list is endless as always. This quote is relatable.
It doesn't matter what path in life you are taking (we're all taking different ones) work hard and from that hard work you will get to where you want to be.
You could be the most talented person at whatever it is you want to do but that will only get you so far. You have to couple that with hard work.

Of course it's not going to be easy and you will face dark days along your journeys but remain strong and determined that you WILL achieve your dreams. Hard work pays off! And the pride is more rewarding when it does.
We are all talented in our own individual and unique ways. It's what make you .. You.
But never rely on JUST your talent.

until next week
Much love :)

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