Do you ever think the people who are writing history with their actions or achieving greatness know that what they are doing will be remembered?
I have wondered this for many years. Do the great people we all look up too know that they are going to be remembered in the history books or in the minds of millions?
Or are they doing it simply out of passion, talent, purpose, belief etc

That being said this weeks Feel Good is from Jamie Paolinetti

'Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless'

Our capacity for greatness is endless. If you truly believe that you can achieve that greatness then that greatness will come. We will all come up against limitations during our life. Some big, some small but what makes it so more rewarding when we overcome those limitations is our determination to succeed and that is deep down in each and every single one of you. That determination to not allow those limitations to overcome you but to overcome those limitations and make limitless possibilities.
It's all down to you. Follow in the footsteps of the ones you look up to and write history. Your own history and fill it with endless possibility.

Use your imaginations to conjour up amazing dreams and goals and then chase your ambitions and dreams.
Don't let limitations hold you back!

Stay strong and stay focused. Like every great person before you.

Until next week
Much love

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