As February starts I look back over January at how quick it has gone and how much inspiration I found in a short space of time. I hear the dreaded words of 'Christmas will be here in no time' lingering on the tips of selected tongues.

This weeks Feel Good is from O'shea Jackson but many of you will know him as Ice Cube.

"I think the worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing."

The reason I chose this is because this week just gone I watched 'Straight Outta Compton' the movie bio about the rap group N.W.A
If any of you want a movie about inspiration look no further! It tells the story of 5 artists from Compton who used to thier voices and experiences to rap and tell stories of police brutality and other stuff that was going on in thier city and in thier lives.
The quote resonated with me because I feel that they could have said nothing about the situations and therefore the N.W.A wouldn't have been formed and the course of rap music wouldn't have been changed forever.
One could argue I suppose if they didn't do it someone else would've but hey.. I'm just dealing with the facts and the facts remain the same they took and used what was happening around them as a stepping stone to show the world that it isn't right and they can be heard.

I think that's what hits me the most is that when they started they were like each and everyone of us ... Ordinary people with a lot to say. And by saying/doing something about the situations they faced they changed the world and have become immortalised in pop culture!

For those of you reading my blogs and don't know the N.W.A just google them :) trust me ... You'll have a nice 10-15 minutes of reading and inspiration.

The point I'm making is that we all have voices (some louder than others) and we all see or are even a part of situations where we do nothing so why not start using our voices and actions to make a difference.
Does it have to change the world and be on the magnitude of the N.W.A ..... Of course not but even if it's breaking up a gang of people picking on the 'outsider' or buying a homeless person a bottle of water or even with the current diversity issues that are everywhere at the moment, speaking out about them if you feel groups are under represented and unrecognised. Start a movement like they did.
Always remember that your voice and your opinion matters... No matter who you are, where you are or what you are. And who knows maybe your actions will change the world.. But until you try you will never know :)
And hey by doing something about a situation it's better than doing nothing

Until next week peeps. Much love :)

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