Where are we going to be in ten years time? Twenty years time? No one knows as no one can tell us or predict where we are going to be, what we will be doing. The path of uncertainty awaits us all but surely that's half the fun! Chasing down success and following your dreams and ambitions can lead you anywhere and everywhere

'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step' - Lao Tzu

Every path and every journey we embark on during this lifetime always starts with the first step. And yes some can be daunting as we don't know where they may lead but if we don't take that first step we will never know. To follow in the path of happiness and success you must have the courage to take that first step into the unknown. And embrace it.

Throughout life we will encounter times where we will be anxious and uneasy about what may come like the first day when you start high school, the start of a new job, the birth of a beautiful baby girl, moving to a new city or country. The list can go on but it all begins with that first step.

Each and every one of us are on journeys and we will undertake new journeys when life throws different challenges at us.
What matters the most is not giving up on this journey and this path because once you travel the thousand miles it will all be worth it

Until next week
Much love :)

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