The theme of this weeks Feel Good is belief.
Belief is such a powerful attribute to have and can hugely help throughout life as we embark on this crazy journey.
Self belief, believing in others, having others believe in you. It all helps!
Dreams and success doesn't happen overnight as I have previously said. It takes hard work and determination but also self belief. You have to believe you can accomplish what you set out to do otherwise what is the point!

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. –Theodore Roosevelt

No matter what you do or set out to do in life you have to believe you can achieve it. Once you believe you can you are indeed halfway there.
Wether it's applying for a new job, passing your driving test, deciding what to take at university or even considering university, bringing up a new born baby, wanting to become the future prime minister ... as always the list is endless but the message is the same. You can achieve anything if you have the confidence and self belief that you can. It all comes down to you.

And there will be days when you doubt yourself and wonder why you are doing this. But maintain your belief and determination that at the end of this crazy journey it'll all be worth it.
At the end you can be the best actor, footballer, politician, singer, plumber, teacher, parent possible. You just have to start believing that you can.

Until next week
Much love :)

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