What a year 2016 has been and it's only 3 weeks of it left!
Christmas will be here tomorrow and we'll be toasting in the new year straight after.
A lot has happened this year and in some cases it has made us anxious for the future.
But who knows what the future will hold.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - Alan Kay

You can't just sit around thinking about your dreams and goals, you have to go out there and make them happen. And yes it takes courage, determination, bravery and a whole lot more but I believe that each and every one of us have all those attributes inside us. We just need to unlock them and when we do you will all be creating our own futures and smashing down barriers along the way.
Remember that no dream is silly no matter how big or small. No goal or ambition is a waste no matter if people laugh or don't believe in you.

I believe in each of you. We all have the potential for greatness so reach your potential today and not tomorrow!

Until next week
Much love :)

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