As we go through our lives day by day a lot can happen and pass us by. lately I've got into a habit of reflecting on what I've done. Time is short and although 80 - 90 years may seem like a lifetime when I think that the universe is billions of years old, a lifetime will pass us by.

'During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams' - Tupac Shakur

Now Tupacs life was tragically cut short but like each and every one of us he had dreams and ambitions which I'm sure he strived to achieve during his 2 decades here. Now of course I would believe that he had many more goals and dreams that he would've liked to have achieved but never got the chance too.

My point I'm making this week is that life is too short to worry about what others think, too short to allow obstacles to get in the way of you pursuing your dreams. No matter how big or small, realistic or absurd those dreams are....CHASE THEM! And once you achieve them set new goals and new dreams.

Like Tupac said 'no one can take away your dreams' they are yours and yours only. So no matter what they are follow them and look back in pride when you achieve them.

Wether you dream of a family, a career, a better life, a better paid job, a dream role, winning the X factor, playing football for Wales, making the worlds best cocktails, starting your own buisness... the list is endless but the fact still remains.. carry on dreaming as every person you look up to started off in your shoes... with a dream they wanted to achieve. If they can do it so can you!

Until next week
Much love :)

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