Have you ever been on a train and looked out of the window at the world outside? How big the world around us is?
Usually these moments happen on a weekly commute from Newport to Swansea but I see so much that makes me feel so small yet so powerful at the same time.

This week I found a quote from the Internationally celebrated writer Alice Walker.

'The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any'

In the midst of the whole Kesha trial I felt this quote to be hugely powerful (if you don't know what's happening then Google 'Keshas Trial' and have a read. I'm sure it'll prove an interesting read whilst waiting for a coffee)
As I have said countless times before we all have voices, each and every one of us and by using our voices we have power. Simple as that!
The power to change a certain situation, the power to speak up against something that terrifies you, the power to help others less fortunate.
Some voices change the world through speeches like 'I have a dream' or 'love begins at home' other voices change or effect others around them on a smaller scale but they are voices none the less giving off powerful messages.

Some power may be voiceless and seen through physical actions like giving a loved one a hug in a dire time of need, attending a critical doctors appointment with a friend to give them support, as always the list could go on and on.

My point being that none of you should think you don't have power. We all have power. The power to change. To stand up and be heard.
Kasha could've gave up her power but she chose to speak up and stand up not just for her rights as a woman but for her rights as a human being.

Yes many people abuse their power and take it for granted just look at Adam Johnson for starters but thats a blog for another day. I guess I'm hoping that in the midst of us all having power, we chose to use it for good as history has shown what it's like when people use power for self gain and just to do bad in the world.
Be sensible, 'be like bill' ;)

So when I look out of the train window at society passing. I see so many people, so much power and the capacity for good and for a better world.
Remember what I always say... You are individual and unique and that's power in itself. There's no one like you even in a world full of 6 billion others.

Until next week. Much love :)

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Comment by Natasha Borton on March 4, 2016 at 13:02

Lovely! :) Happy Friday x

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