First days of rehearsal for August012 as Assistant Director

Currently feeling very young and inexperienced. 

I haven't even graduated from my final year of University and I'm already working on a professional production as the Assistant Director. These first couple of days have been a chance for me to settle in and get used to the working environment and the way that everyone works. 

Thankfully, I really like the play and can't wait to work on it more. It is entirely insane, with so many different characters and only four actors, which has already presented some challenges. 

The first couple of days of rehearsal has consisted of read-throughs, researching Jungian theories and Greek/Roman myths, and we've started to block some of the more complex scenes. 

Our first full run will be on friday, so fingers crossed on how it goes.

Also this is a photo of my first task as Assistant Director for August012... keeping the cast and crew happy with cookies.

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